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A Trail Defined

This trail is more than just gaining a basic understanding of how distilleries function, it’s about supporting your local distilleries. The "Locals First" initiative is sweeping across Utah and rightfully so. Supporting them means many things, employment opportunities not only at the distillery, but also at a Utah farm, a Utah granary, a Utah mill, a Utah malting facility, and even Utah fruit producers. Utah money in Utah pockets.


Moreover, it’s about educating consumers on what they are purchasing and ingesting. We all know exactly what makes up the items we consume everyday through labeling and advertising. This same thing cannot be said with spirits. In fact the TTB (the governing body that is charged with spirit label approval) has come under fire on many occasions for not doing enough to fact check a brands assertions when it comes to what they are claiming on their label. 


Finally, during your adventure it will become readily apparent that bringing a spirit to life is an art form. You have only to speak to the distillers and blenders to realize that what they are creating can take months if not years before the spirit is ever bottled. From thought to beverage, like paint to canvas, each of them is expressing themselves through a granular medium. Some artists use paint or clay, they however use grain, botanicals, fruit, and wood to bring you a piece of who they are. Their studio is their distillery where they bring their passion to life. Set up a tour and a tasting and see for yourself the spirit behind the label.

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