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Would You Like To Become A Supporter

All supporters, unless requested to remain anonymous, will have their names placed on the site for all to see. The most recent six names will remain on the main page with the others being heralded for their selfless act on the Top Supporter's page. For a $10.00 donation you too can have your name and business up for all to see.

The only caveat to this is that your name and business must be real and in keeping with the good nature of the trail.


Donations ensure that we provide the very best distillery tour that you deserve. So next time if you are looking for something to do in Salt Lake City or things to do in Utah as a whole, your donation will make that happen.

Good Example:

John Smith, Johnnie's Bar

Bad Example:

Richard Head, of "insert hate group here"

We reserve the right to refuse any donation if it is deemed to be in poor taste.

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