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How To Become The Trail's Next Champion

Utah’s Spirit Trail™ is meant to be a fun and exciting approach to experiencing the State’s current distilling culture in a safe and enjoyable way. As you continue along the your distillery trail you will learn about Utah’s history through a few of the distillery’s ties to historical events and characters that shaped the state into what it is today. Individuals like Porter Rockwell, Hugh Moon, and even Brigham Young will be revisited as your adventure progresses. 

How it works

  1. Once you’ve purchased Utah’s Spirit Trail Guide© from either one of the participating distilleries or from this site your journey begins. Supported by our Facebook page at or Instagram at and the guide itself, you will have the opportunity to meet with these modern day mavericks as they craft Utah’s distilling future one spirit at a time. By all means take those Selfies or distillery/product pictures and post them on Instagram @utahspirittrail. Show others what they're missing from your adventure on Utah's latest trail.

  2. Present your trusty spirit guide to the distillery and, provided you’ve made a purchase at that distillery, your guide will receive a stamp much like a passport. Qualifying purchases include at least one of the following; tours, tastings, spirits, and/or merchandise.

  3. After collecting each participating distiller’s stamp, fill out the permission request on the last page of the guide and you will be awarded with the Spirit Trail Champion’s Trophy and Certificate befitting such an achievement. You just have to pay shipping and handling and then the trophy  plus certificate is all yours. To do this you must submit your guide to the Trail Headquarters by mailing it to 744 W 450 N, Tremonton, UT 84337, ICO Utah’s Spirit Tail. Be sure that you’ve included your contact information so we may email you for questions should they arise. Once shipping and handling have been paid, your trusty spirit guide, trophy of champions, and certificate will be mailed back to you. Follow the link below for payment.

  4. If you filled out the permission request on the last page of the guide prior to sending it in, we will list your name on the Trail Championship Wall of Fame right here on this site. You will then be lauded far and wide for your unabashed tenacity. People are going to name their first born after you. You must grant us permission for us to do so however. Alias’/Nicknames/Call Signs are welcome as long as they would be considered socially acceptable. We reserve the right to not post any name that might be construed as being in poor taste.

  5. Don’t forget to come back every year as new distilleries open and others expand changing the face of Utah’s distilling climate. Complete the trail again and receive that next years dated trophy. Collect 4 years running and there’s an amazing trophy board that’s available for purchase at any time on the website. This trophy board is locally constructed to fit your trophies in relative perfection. The Trail Champion's Board is certain to instill an unrivaled envy in those who view it. Stop by the shop and check it out!

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