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The Hive Winery and Brandy Company

The Hive Brandy Company is a spin-off of their existing winery, The Hive Winery. The brandy company was born from a desire to have access to high quality fruit Brandy for use in fortifying wines, and the owner's “well, why not attitude”.  As Utah’s first brandy distillery, they focus on high quality “true” brandy, which is not, as many believe, a sweet and syrupy spirit, but a true hard spirit not unlike whisky. Just like the wines, their premium brandy is crafted from whole fruit wines that are carefully fermented and then distilled. The result is a much subtler flavor than you might be expecting, but it is also much more real. We are proud to take being a micro-distillery to a whole new level of small. Running the smallest commercial still in Utah, they truly consider themselves to be a “nano-distillery”. Each batch is crafted by the master distiller for quality and flavor profile prior to adding it to the aging tanks. Hands on and extremely labor intensive; these crafted spirits are well worth the effort. The Hive owners are thrilled to share these amazing spirits with you.