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High West Distillery’s Latest Barrel Select.

Established in 2007 High West Distillery has firmly seated itself among the top brands across the nation and enjoyed the world over.

We, as residents of the great state of Utah, are fortunate enough to have them in two different locations in the Park City area. I say we were fortunate because these limited releases are only available here and tomorrow’s release is no different. Starting at 11o’clock, Saturday the 20th, we will be given the opportunity to purchase and enjoy the latest Rendezvous Rye Barrel Select.

The Rendezvous Rye is High West’s flagship whiskey which is a blend of rye whiskies aged between four and seven years. What makes these barrel selects different is that they are blended, aged, and then finished for an additional period of time. Tomorrow’s barrel select is finished for an additional year in a Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc barrel for 1 Year.

Founded in 1966 Robert Mondavi has become globally known as one of Napa Valley‘s premier vineyards. First released in 1968, the Fumé Blanc is a blend of 92% Sauvignon Blanc and 8% Semillon.

See below for what you can expect to discover after pouring yourself a glass of what should be a very delicious Whiskey.

“Sensory Notes:

Nose: Apricot, yellow peach, honeycomb, cedar wood box, light spearmint. A few drops of water enhance complexity with green apple, lemon zest, grilled watermelon, and Almond Joy©.

Taste: Full bodied mouthfeel with berry jam, ripe and juicy nectarine, cherry pie filling, butterscotch, black pepper. Water brings out dried lemon, allspice, clove, nutty light roast coffee.

Finish: Graham cracker, caramelized walnuts, fresh Spring rain on stone”

Sensory notes provided by High West Distillery.

For more information about High West Distillery or any of the distilleries on Utah’s Spirit Trail please visit our website at

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