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Is Utah Attempting To Close Our Distilleries

Imagine a brand new Walmart moved into your neighborhood and then the city created a law that said that only the highest grossing stores could stay open. Wouldn’t that be a city forcing smaller businesses to close? Wouldn’t that be illegal? Would you fight back?

What if a state did the same thing but only with liquor labels? Wouldn’t that force the smaller locally owned distillery to close? Will you fight for them?

Utah is downsizing the amount of labels we can choose from at the DABC and only the top sellers get the opportunity to snatch the coveted shelf space. How many times have you visited the DABC and seen empty shelves or underutilized floor space?

How can you get involved? I’m glad I asked, go to our website and find out more about your local distilleries, then start calling and emailing the DABC and your representative. #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocaldistilleries #utahcraftdistilling #fightback #utahspirittrail

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