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Utah's Spirit Trail Guide

Utah's Spirit Trail Guide

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Utah's Spirit Trail Guide© is an exciting way to experience Utah's distilleries and acts as your passport! This guide will be updated annually as will the End of the Trail Trophy.


Each page offers an introduction to one of Utah's incredible distilleries and the distillers behind them. Opposite that page is a space for note taking and, providing you have sampled one of their amazing spirits or purchased a product, an area where the distiller can place their stamp much like a passport.


Why stamps?


Collecting a stamp from each distillery means that you have become the newest Spirit Trail Champion! Commensurate with the title comes an appropriate gift, the rocks/cocktail glass of champions and a certificate announcing your newfound spiritual enlightenment. But, you're not done there; each year will bring new distilleries and new rocks/cocktail glasses to add to your collection.


Collecting your prize is as easy as collecting a stamp from each distillery listed in the guide and then sending in your stamped copy to the Trail Headquarters. You'll then receive your package that includes, your trusty guide, your Spirit Trail Champion Certificate, and your Spirit Trail dated rocks/cocktail glass.

  • Important Note:

    Please know that the guides can be purchased at any one of the participating distilleries. This prevents you from having to pay for shipping and handling and brings you that much closer to completing the trail. There are distilleries in Eden, Ogden, Layton, the Salt Lake area, Wanship, and Park City. Find your closest distillery and get started today!

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