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The End and The Beginning

Reflecting on this past year as it draws to an end, Utah’s Spirit Trail was brought to fruition after many months of coordination with the amazing people behind our local distilleries.

December marked the trail’s first sponsored “Easter Egg”. This beautifully etched decanter was a free gift offered to one lucky adventurer on the trail. Working with Matt Lund at Crown Trophy of Ogden was a dream and the finished product was absolutely fantastic.

In the coming year look for more sponsored Easter Eggs and other prizes. We will be adding to our merchandise lineup and moving towards the establishment of an end of year event we’re calling the End of the Trail event each fall.

Of course there is no end to this trail. We will continue to grow as the distilling culture in Utah grows. Our guide will change each year with the addition of new distilleries and the completion of a new trail deserves a new trophy.

Remember, your distillery adventure starts with us!

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