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Beehive Distilling

Opening their doors January 1 of 2014, Beehive Distilling became Utah’s first Gin distillery since 1870.  It began as an idea tossed around by three friends lamenting Utah’s notoriously strict distilling laws. Having worked together in advertising and photography for over 20 years, Matt Aller, Chris Barlow, and Erik Ostling now create a vodka and two types of gin. In the Summer of 2019 they launched a RTD line of craft cocktails brand under the Desolation Distilling badge.

Dented Brick Distillery

First opening its doors in the Spring of 2016, Marc Christensen’s Dented Brick Distillery led with its first product, the Antelope Island Rum. They didn’t stop there however, the good people behind the brand are inspiring the spirit of community by locally sourcing their grains and botanicals in the creation of their current products which include vodka, gin, whiskey, and a rum. From the on-site artisanal well, the history steeped in Hugh Moon’s legacy, to the name of the distillery itself, Utah’s craft distilling history lives here. Stop by and ask them about the artisan water they use in the distilling process.

High West Distillery

Looking for a place to not only enjoy some fine spirits but also have a nice meal, look no further than one of the High West locations. Home of the first legal still in Utah since 1870, High West began distilling in 2007 in their Park City location adding the Wanship facility in 2015. Known around the world, they have a reputation for rye whiskey and a passion for developing innovative, flavor-forward blends from whiskeys sourced from other producers and whiskeys distilled in-house. These include the American Prairie Bourbon, Double Rye, Rendezvous Rye, and Campfire with many limited releases and small batches released throughout the year. Tours available at both locations.

 Hammer Spring Distillers

Founded in the Spring of 2016 Hammer Spring is a self-funded, family owned and operated distillery. HS offers a high mountain experience in a bottle with their quality gin. Adding to their spirit library, how about a potato vodka. Why potatoes? Stop by the distillery for a tour and speak with JP Bernier, founder of HS, and ask him. Or just try it and discover for yourself why he chose potatoes as the spirit medium. They also offer a grain-base vodka as well as a coffee liqueur, and even “JP’s World Famous WhiskeyPancakeSyrup”.

Holystone Distilling

Former Naval Aviator, now distillery owner, Michael DeShazo, his wife Barbie, and their business partner Ethan Miller are bringing beauty to the ultra-premium vodka and gin world, with many more spirits on the way. From the label, to the bottle, to the process behind the creation of their spirits, each is forged with reverence and purpose. Currently Holystone offers a beautifully balanced, grape-based, Perla Vodka and Bosun’s Navy Strength Gin. What is Navy Strength Gin? Come by to get a peek behind the curtain and see for yourself.

Sugar House Distillery

Established in January of 2014, SHD is one of the first four small batch distillery to open in the state. Owner and Lead Distiller James Fowler is actively bringing you one of the state’s first true grain to glass spirits you can buy. From milling to fermenting, distilling, barreling, and finally bottling, it all happens in house. They offer a vodka, white and gold rums, and four types of whiskies and if you haven’t heard about the Boilermaker then that’s reason enough to have this guide. Give them a call and set up a time for a tour and a tasting and see for yourself why they are so successful.

Ogden's Own Distillery

Perhaps most widely known for their Five Wives Vodka, Ogden’s Own produces a variety of spirits under a myriad of labels. Opening its doors in 2009 made them only the second distillery in the state. Owners Steve Conlin and Tim Smith now create not only their famous vodka but also a gin, an herbal spirit, liqueurs, and as recently as the Spring of 2019 released a rye whiskey. Stop by sample their spirits and learn the stories behind the colorful characters from Utah’s past that grace their labels.

Outlaw Distillery

Realizing their dream, owners Kirk and Denise Sedgwick began distilling spirits in January of 2015 and haven’t looked back. Reaching into Utah’s history the pair chose Outlaw as a reference toThe Outlaw Trail made famous by the likes of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Now in their fourth year they are still mashing and distilling with many products to choose from. With a name like Outlaw of course they offer a whiskey, but they also offer a bourbon, a spiced rum, an aged rum, the moonshine, and even a coffee rum. Stop by and say hi to the folks that are crafting these one of a kind spirit.

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The Hive Winery and Brandy Company

The Hive Brandy Company is a spin-off of their existing winery, The Hive Winery. The brandy company was born from a desire to have access to high quality fruit Brandy for use in fortifying wines, and the owner's “well, why not attitude”.  As Utah’s first brandy distillery, they focus on high quality “true” brandy, which is not, as many believe, a sweet and syrupy spirit, but a true hard spirit not unlike whisky. Just like the wines, their premium brandy is crafted from whole fruit wines that are carefully fermented and then distilled. The result is a much subtler flavor than you might be expecting, but it is also much more real. We are proud to take being a micro-distillery to a whole new level of small. Running the smallest commercial still in Utah, they truly consider themselves to be a “nano-distillery”. Each batch is crafted by the master distiller for quality and flavor profile prior to adding it to the aging tanks. Hands on and extremely labor intensive; these crafted spirits are well worth the effort. The Hive owners are thrilled to share these amazing spirits with you.

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